Bachelor in Management

3 years, 3 countries, 3 languages

Marketing, liberal arts, economics,  law, language, business administration, psychology, sociology, international relations, mathematics, statistics, finance, intercultural skills, management , accounting, business ethics, crs,  strategy
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 high-calibre students, diplomati, diplomandi, international students
Data09 Settembre 2019 - 10 Settembre 2022
LuogoCorso Unione Sovietica, 218 bis, 10134 Torino TO, Italia
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The ESCP Europe Bachelor in Management (BSc) is a three-year general management programme embracing training in languages, liberal arts and personal development. Designed for students graduating from high school who aspire to top international careers, this programme has been carefully developed to provide a comprehensive and unique education.


The ESCP Europe Bachelor in Management (BSc) is a well-balanced, cutting-edge undergraduate programme, which combines the best of management science with a training in liberal arts and languages. It offers the opportunity to experience intercultural management first hand by studying in three countries in three years.
Our Bachelor in Management (BSc) is a demanding programme gathering high-profile students from around the world who aspire to attain top international careers.


The ESCP Europe Bachelor in Management (BSc) consists of six semesters. During this three-year programme, our students learn about the various fields of business management and acquire the necessary background in economics and law, complemented by the fundamentals of maths and statistics applicable to the different management domains.

Learning about liberal arts and humanities gives students an important understanding of these fields and their links to the management discipline. Students develop presentation, communication and research skills, as well as gaining fluency in several languages. Group work and collective projects are an integral part of the programme.

We believe that theory is nothing without practice, so internships and social impact projects provide the opportunity for students to bring their learned concepts and techniques to life.

Where You Study

Students on the Bachelor in Management (BSc) live and study in a different city each year, experiencing three distinct countries and cultures.

✔︎ Year 1: London or Paris
✔︎ Year 2: Madrid, Paris or Turin
✔︎ Year 3: Berlin or Paris

Students will study in three different cities and countries within a class characterised by high cultural diversity, with students from all over Europe and the world.
While studying on three of our campuses, students will experience living and studying in different countries / cultural contexts, with different academic approaches, as well as gaining insight into the society, culture and the economic environment of the different locations. Students will also benefit from an integrated and coherent academic framework in a single institution.

Key Features

✔︎ Live the cross-cultural experience that makes the difference 

✔︎ Multinational teamwork

✔︎ Collective projects

✔︎ Study with international Faculty 

✔︎ Top up your network with our Alumni and students community 

✔︎ Internships and social projects

Choosing to study at ESCP Europe is your first step towards an ambitious and exciting international career in today’s diverse, multicultural business world.

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